It wouldn’t be the fall without an Apple iPhone Event. Today’s announcement featured the introduction of the iPhone 5, a refresh of the entire iPod line, a major software update to iTunes and a complete redesign of Apple’s earphones, which are now called, EarPods.

For weeks the speculations surrounding the announcement have erupted on blogs across the internet. Would the iPhone 5 include a bigger screen? Would Apple announce a retina display iMac? What else would be included in the announcement? Now we know.
The iPhone media event was held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center and in classic Apple fashion had a minimalistic stage – simple with a large screen for demo and showcase purposes. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, led the charge by giving the current state of the company and introducing Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller who showed off the newest iPhone.

I find it fitting that they released the iPhone 5, 5 years after the original was released. In my opinion, it is a major refresh. It is what the iPhone 4 was to the iPhone 3G. The body style is changing to allow for a bigger screen, but it has also become more svelte and is the thinnest, lightest iPhone to date.

One of the greatest changes to the iPhone and the Apple products moving forward is the change in power/connection cable. The large, flat cable that has accompanied Apple’s iPhones, iPods and iPads are changing over to the Lightning Cable. It’s a digital connection and is more like the size of a standard USB connector than it is an original iPhone cable. This cable was designed to create more space on the newer devices.

During WWDC in June, iOS 6 was announced as the next operating system update. Over 200 new features are included with the update and I personally am looking forward to the addition of Passbook. Passbook is an Apple native app that allows users to organize gift cards, tickets, passes and coupons right on your phone. It also has a location function that will alert you when you enter a location that you have a pass for. The example they used was a Delta airline ticket. If you entered the airport, the app would notify you via the lock screen that your boarding pass was ready. It’s a very cool addition to the Apple family of apps.

As previously mentioned, the iPod line was also refreshed. The iPod Nano has a new, larger screen and is as thin as a stick of gum. The iPod Touch is basically an iPhone 5 without the phone. It’s the most advanced iPod Touch ever created. The iPod Shuffle did not receive an update, but it will be available in a slew of new colors.

Apple’s new earphone, the EarPods, are exciting, too. Apple engineers spent 3 years designing, researching and creating this accessory. They will ship with the iPhone 5, iPod Touch and the iPod Nano. They are also available for purchase starting today through the Apple Store.

The event concluded with a performance by Foo Fighters, a personal favorite of Tim Cook. The new products rolled out by Apple today are significant advances in the industry. Apple continues to cause awe and never fails to impress.

I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.