Software update to be released late this week.

Earlier tonight, I was enjoying a Broadway musical stage performance at our local theater and during intermission, I did a quick FaceTime call with my fiancé. He hadn’t been feeling well earlier in the evening and I wanted to be sure he was doing ok. Our call turned out to be short and sweet, but as it turns out, that may not be the case for everyone attempting to use FaceTime tonight. 9to5Mac first reported on a major bug issue that has actually caused Apple to take FaceTime as a service offline until it can be fixed.

The bug allows users to call anyone with FaceTime and immediately be able to hear the audio coming from the recipient’s end of the phone without them having to accept or reject the call. It seems as though that one only needs to start a FaceTime call, swipe up to add a person and enter one’s own phone number. In addition to the audio eavesdropping apparently, there is a secondary bug that will allow callers to view the recipient’s camera should they press the volume or power button attempting to silence or dismiss a call. This action causes the camera to turn on, but it will disable the audio feed.

Several different news outlets were able to recreate the glitch before Apple disabled FaceTime. As it is a confirmed bug, Apple plans to release a software update later this week that should fix the problem. Even though Apple as disabled FaceTime globally, users can also turn off the feature on their devices if they wish. On iOS devices, you simply go to Settings > FaceTime > Switch the toggle to the off position. On macOS, open the FaceTime application and then select ‘Turn off FaceTime’ if it’s an option.


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