Apple’s 9.9 event will surely bring iPhones, a wearable and software upgrades.

There have been a lot of ‘rumors’ flying around about the elusive secrets that Apple is destined to reveal at their 9.9.14 event. Some rumors are based on Apple’s intentional information plants and some are based off of historical figures. I prefer to go with my instinct and think about what Apple has done in the past. A big part of the reason that I’ve waited to release my predictions is because I wanted as much information as possible to form an informed opinion of Apple’s upcoming announcement event. I believe as a whole Apple will unveil features – software and hardware based – that will both entice Android users to switch to iOS and Apple fan boys who want to see the company advance. So, without further ado, here are my predictions and thoughts on the 9.9.14 event.


Apple is a smart corporate unit. They announced the upcoming release of iOS 8 and Mac OS Yosemite back at WWDC in June. This is something we can definitely expect to here is available almost immediately. I would anticipate that iOS 8 will be available for public download starting on 9.12 and Yosemite on 9.9. I believe that Apple will want to avoid a large strain on their servers and will release iOS 8 prior to any mobile hardware launch, which brings me to the iPhone. In addition to the substantial OS upgrades, let’s not forget about HealthKit and HomeKit that are due to be released. I think these two pieces of software architecture will revolutionize how we move and live.


September is traditionally the month of the iPhone. And, the the public outcry for larger screens will is expected to be answered on 9.9. There have been many leaked photographs and videos of iPhone mock-ups and even products shown demonstrating iOS software. Even though there are some very good iPhone fakes out there, I won’t believe what Apple is releasing until they announce it officially. My thoughts are that there will be two new iPhone 6 models – the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S. These names follow the historical nomenclature of iPhone models and I think it’s probable that Apple will continue to follow suit. The iPhone 6 will feature a slightly larger screen than the 5/5S and measure in around 4.7 inches, while the 6S model will have a much larger screen around 5.5 inches.

IMG_0778As for the actual release date, I believe we can expect to see the iPhone 6 models to be released on 9.19.14. Apple loves the media attention they get from large public launches and the iPhone consistently produces large lines of pre-launch fans waiting for days sometimes weeks to ensure they get their hands on a phone on release day. I doubt that Apple will forego the hours of free publicity they get from that exposure. It may be possible that they will allow pre-orders, but those would not arrive at their destinations until 9.19.

I think some of the features of the iPhone 6 models will include NFC and TouchID, plus the recently hyped mobile payment platform. Additionally, I believe we will see a price drop in the existing iPhone line-up. Again, this comes from the historical perspective, but I don’t think Apple will deviant from this practice. I think they will discontinue the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5C will become the ‘economy model’. They will keep the 5S and add the 6 and 6S. I think the 6 and 6S will come in White/Silver, Space Gray/Black and Gold. I also believe that there will be three main storage sizes – 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The iPhone 5C may have a 16GB size as I feel it will remain the ‘economy’ model.

Wearable (iWatch)

It’s almost inevitable that Apple is going to announce a wearable at 9.9.14. It’s been hyped and rumored for close to two years now and I believe this will be the year they will do it. I will refer to it as a wearable instead of the iWatch because I think it will do so much more than just tell time. Apple’s wearable will be able to monitor your heart rate, pay for items at NFC compatible terminals, answer and view your text messages, tie in with Siri and of course show the current time. While I am confident that Apple’s wearable will be announced, I don’t believe that it will be launched on 9.9.14. I could see them starting pre-orders right away, but I think they will launch it alongside the iPhone on 9.19. The price point will be between $299 and $399.

iPad Refresh

The iPad Air has been very successful as a tablet. It is a very hearty device and I could see Apple doing a moderate refresh to include TouchID. I would see Apple potentially announcing the iPad, but not releasing it for sale until October 31 or Nov 7 – based on the iPad 4 and iPad Air release dates. I don’t think there will be any HUGE revisions to the iPad, but think that Apple will want to stay with the latest trends in tablet computing. Their competitors haven’t released any mind-blowing features within the last few years and Apple’s iPad tends to stay on the top of the stack with their tablets.

30th Anniversary Mac

With 2014 being the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, I don’t think that Apple will ignore that and may even release another piece of hardware not yet rumored or mentioned in the press. It’s also possible that they will utilize the 30th anniversary as a way to jumpstart the wearable sales.

I think we can expect to see some wonderful things from Apple tomorrow. It will be a great event with some fantastic hardware and software upgrades. It’s Apple. It’s time.