Discover the news in a beautiful mobile platform with News360.

Last summer, we published a review on the iOS app, News360. It’s a wonderful mobile app that presents the news in an awesome interface that allows you to quickly scan headlines, preview stories and read content in its entirety without the noise of the web interfering. News360 contains more than 50,000 sources from top national news providers, local news providers, niche sites and blogs. News360’s artificial intelligence begins learning what stories you frequently read and begins pushing more stories to your feed that are of interest to you. The more you use News 360, the smarter it gets.

Key Features:

  • A beautiful interface
  • More than 50,000 sources
  • Home feed – stories from the day’s headline news and your specific interests are merged together into a single stream
  • Flexible and smart personalization system
  • Synchronize your interests and saved stories with News360 on your phone or at
  • Local news using GPS
  • Tons of sharing and export options

News360 is currently on version 3.5.6 and was most recently updated on May 12, 2014. It is free to download and is available for iPhone and iPad. For more information, visit