iTranslate: Translator & Dictionary.

Last week, we highlighted iTranslate for Mac as one of our featured app reviews. We think so highly of it, that we decided to name it our App of the Week.

iTranslate for Mac provides more than 80 languages at your fingertips. It is a menu bar utility that is always available, but never in the way. Some of the features the iTranslate includes are:

  • Voice Output – iTranslate allows users to select different dialects for ease of understanding. You can even choose a male or female voice and control the speech rate.
  • Dictionaries – iTranslate provides a dictionary along with the translation because words have different translations depending on their meaning. Most translators only give 1 result per translation, but because of iTranslate’s dictionary feature, you are guaranteed the best translation based on the definition of the word.
  • Romanization – This feature gives users the option to turn non-Latin languages into Latin characters. For example, Chinese characters may be turned into Romanized, phonetic characters for those speaking English.
  • Faster Typing – iTranslate creates suggestions while you type so that you can quickly choose the translation you want and move on. The app is optimized for fast text input.

iTranslate is available for many platforms and devices. We decided to make it our App of the Week because of its ease of use and quality of the app.  For more information on iTranslate, visit For our full review on the app for Mac, visit






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