Ideally: Quick Notes, Related Files and Idea Keeper

IdeallyScreen1Back in 2013, we highlighted Ideally for Mac with an app review. Today, we have named it our App of the Week for MacSources. Ever since we received Ideally for testing, we have enjoyed using it within our daily work flow. For those of you new to the app, Ideally is a menu bar app that provides a space for you to jot down notes and collect related files in one place. Ideally supports drag and drop functionality and syncs using Dropbox.

IdeallyScreen6We like Ideally because it’s available when you need it, but invisible when you don’t. Ideally uses swipe gestures, hotkeys and animations, which make it very easy to use within the Mac’s natural environment. Ideally also ha
s a very clean space to work in and there aren’t a lot of options to confuse users.

We decided to make Ideally our App of the Week because of its versatility, ease of use and what it adds to productivity. For our full review on MacSources, visit For more information on Ideally, visit