Fantastical – the best Mac Calendar replacement in the App Store.

At MacSources we absolutely love Fantastical that’s why it’s this week’s App of the Week. Fantastical, designed by Flexibits, is not only easy to use, but it also has a great design.

Fantastical-Mac-1I’m a big fan of Apple’s ecosystem. I enjoy knowing everything is working together as it takes the headache out of worrying over small things, but unfortunately Apple’s Calendar app for the Mac irritates me. This is why I’m so grateful the awesome team at Flexibits created Fantastical.

Not only is Fantastical a great replacement for the Mac’s Calendar app, but it also works with it. If I add an event to Calendar or Fantastical it shows up within the other app, too. This allows me to still be able to login to iCloud and view my appointments in Calendar.

Some of the top features of Fantastical include:

  • An event/reminder list that allows you to plan easier
  • Past events fade to gray letting you focus on upcoming events
  • Customize the number of events you want displayed
  • Click events to show important details
  • Event addition to new or existing events
  • Searching instantly to locate your events

Find out more by visiting or by reading our full review at Fantastical for Mac retails for $9.99 and is available for download in the Mac App Store.






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