IMG_1239One of the first apps I wanted when I got an iPhone was a decent TV listing app. It was the most practical and what seemed like, the most simple type of app there could be. Until recently, the TV Guide app just wasn’t living up to my expectations. It’s improved greatly, but still not what I’ve really wanted. Today, I stumbled across yap.TV, a social networking TV listing app.

The app features nationwide TV listings, easy connection to Facebook and Twitter, including chat options, a Top 20 shows list, a Faves list, and a Feed of new listings.  The social networking features are very advanced. The app includes options to Facebook chat with friends and all the functionality of Twitter. And, like many TV listing apps, there is a reminder alarm that you can tag programs with.


I am really quite impressed with this app. The interface is stylish and I like that it shows the information on shows easily. yap.TV has been out since 2011, but the most recent updates have added additional options.

I recommend this app for anyone looking for a stable TV listing app for iPhone or iPad.