twitter-vine-image-app-exploer-270x437The big news today was that Twitter made the purchase of a little app called Vine. This app allows users to post short video clips of their life. Within the past few months the service Tout surfaced. It allows users to post 15 second videos about their lives. Vine is only about six seconds. The videos are looping videos that you can share with your family and friends. It’s a free app and service and you sign up with your Twitter account.

In general, I like the concept. The thing I am not a big fan of is that the as I scroll through the video feed, it can be a bit disorienting because of the motion of the clips. I do like that as you scroll through the feed the videos don’t play until you stop with one on the screen.

While testing I did have some issues with videos loading and I was connected to a WiFi network, but I like the Explore function. There are several main categories to choose from, but there are also popular hashtag categories listed.

If you are interested in social sharing videos, this app is a good way to start.