Sometimes I come across apps and think, “What a neat little app!” Trevi happens to be one of those apps.

Trevi falls into the travel category for apps in the Apple Apps Store, but it’s more a photo organizer. Trevi looks at the photos on your phone and organizes them according to location of where the pictures were taken. The concept is fresh and I like the option to view the locations you’ve visited on a map.

Trevi is very straightforward. Not a lot of bells and whistles – just a nice, clean app. The layout is similar to Facebook in that you swipe to the left of the screen to pull a menu. Trevi has three viewing options for your photos – Map, Places or Timeline. Each time you add a photo to your library, Trevi recognizes it and gives you the option to scan new photos. This feature is VERY responsive. I took screen shots on the phone while reviewing the app and Trevi picked up on the new photographs within about 30 seconds.

There is also a built-in Facebook sharing function (of course) that allows users to share the map view from Trevi.

I would recommend this app to anyone who travels and takes pictures. It’s an interesting way to organize photos.