IMG_0057Looking for a newspaper app that learns from you? Give Thirst a try. Thirst is available for iPhone and iPad. It’s a newspaper app that takes the latest headlines, groups them around topics and creates a quick, easy way for users to find out what’s going on in the world. Thirst Labs, the developer of Thirst, designed this app so that the more you use it, “the better the newspaper gets as it learns from and adapts to your interests.”

I installed this app for the purpose of reviewing it, but I plan on keeping it. The layout is similar to an online magazine. When you open the app, users are met with the latest topics. You can select a topic and the news stories from online sources are revealed. There are options to discuss the topics with your friends, check out the ‘chatter’ from other sources, such as Twitter trends, and look at info on the topic from Wikipedia.

Thirst is a very interactive newspaper with a clean interface. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to keep up with the news. Even though I installed it exclusively for review, I will be keeping it.