1 - titlescreenI’m always on the lookout for clever games to play with friends and Snap Together is one of those games.

It’s a very straightforward concept. You select a preloaded word for your friend to guess. And then you select a picture that represents that word. The friend is shown letter blanks similar to the game Hangman. They are also given letter tiles to choose from. Little by little, the picture you have selected is revealed. As the picture is revealed, your friend is given clues to what the word is. If they guess it within the allotted time, you are both awarded coins. Coins are used for time-extensions, hints and to buy letters for longer words.

The free version is ad-supported. Ads appear at the bottom of the screen and do not interrupt the game.

Snap Together is turn-based. Once you send your friend a word to guess, you wait until they guess. Once they do, whether or not they get it right, it’s their turn to send you a word back.

framed - 2 - guess in timeDeveloper, Bloomsix, is based out of Amsterdam. They specialize in quality games for the iPhone. Because they are based out of the Netherlands, Snap Together is not available in the United States. They are planning on it being available very soon. Follow Bloomsix on Facebook for up-to-date information on when Snap Together will become available in the U.S.

It is a creative, clever game and quite enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys word games and using their iPhone’s camera. The only improvement I would suggest to the developer would be to include instructions on the game itself. It isn’t complicated to figure out, but simple guidelines would be helpful for first time players.