I’m always looking for ways to integrate my iPad into workflows and recently discovered Screens VNC by Endovia. Screens is a VNC client that makes it very easy to connect to other CPUs by using your iPad or iPhone as your connection device.

My favorite feature of Screens VNC is the clean, Mac-like design and user interface. Being a Mac user, I appreciated how similar the design was to Mac operating systems. I appreciate clean layouts and this was refreshing to see from a VNC client.

Something else I really enjoy about this app is that the developer, Endovia, included some simple, easy-to-use start-up instructions. These made it possible to connect to other CPUs easily right off the bat.

Screens VNC will also take a screen shot of your desktop just before you disconnect from the remote computer so that you can easily differentiate between multiple computer systems that you are connecting to. These screen shots are then able to be shared through iCloud.

As someone who enjoys being able to access my machines remotely, I can highly recommend Screens VNC. It works flawlessly on the iPhone and iPad and makes connecting to computers by remote simple and pain free. Screens VNC is available for download through Apple iTunes for $19.99. While it may be pricier than most iOS apps, it is well worth it if you connect to your machines when you are separated from them.