IMG_0042Have you ever had a question that you typed into Google or Yahoo? Quora for iPhone has the answer.

Quora is a free app that allows users to ask and answer questions creating the best possible sources of knowledge. You start the app up, sign-up via Facebook or Twitter, follow people (the Quora developers are recommended as a starting point), follow topics (the most popular are Movies, NFL, Food and New York City), and follow boards (comprehensive sources of information on a specific topic). Another feature is browse. With browsing, users can view trending topic and shuffle through Quora questions at random. If you see an answer you like, you can upvote. Upvoting adds more credibility to the answers within Quora and the more upvotes an answer has, the greater the chance the answer will be featured on the topic’s page.

Now that you know what it’s about, here’s my take on the app.

IMG_0043I like the concept. There are many times that I type a question into the search on my web browser to find an answer, but there is something missing from this app. It’s functional and perhaps with more use, I would like it better, but I believe it is lacking flare and design. It’s plain and with so much text involved, there needs to be something to break up the monotony. It’s a clever app and I do recommend trying it, especially if you like browsing through news feeds, but realize that the searches aren’t exact sometimes. I typed in, “How much does the WWE Championship belt weigh?” and got a bunch of questions matching keywords and none of them were exact to my search. If I were searching with simple keywords, I would be ok with that list, but when I search for a phrase, I would rather be told that there wasn’t a match than be given a list of random keyword searches.

Give it a try and see what you think.