pocket-penguin-appWarning: Cute Alert! Those three words open the description of Pocket Penguin on the iTunes Store. This app is a direct link to the real-time cameras in the African Penguin exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. There are three views:

  • Main: Shows a straight on view of the exhibit
  • Underwater: Shows the exhibit from underwater
  • Biologist: Shows the biologists studying the penguins. They do answer questions during mealtime.

It’s a very straightforward application. It is listed under the Education category in the iTunes Store and I see it being very useful to science classes of all ages. The opportunity to observe penguins’ behaviors simply by downloading an app is something that should be taken advantage of by educators.

The app is free, but there is a way to send a donation to the developers of the application via text message. If you like penguins, I would suggest giving it a try.