IMG_0034Noble Nutlings. The name is almost a review in itself. Noble Nutlings, originally released on December 7, 2012, is currently on version 1.0.1. It’s a wacky, physics based game where the goal is to collect all the nuts you can. The hero of the game is a band of three squirrel-like creatures who ride through the countryside in a variety of vehicles including a cart and a unicycle. As the player, you are in control of the cart. There is a button on-screen which controls the acceleration and tilting the iPhone back and forth causes the vehicle to move accordingly. If you tilt too far, the cart will fall over causing you to lose precious time.

You are awarded stars for high scores on the levels and coins for each nut you collect. If you complete the board in a quick time, you receive bonuses. The coins are important. The game is free to play, but there is a catch. The first 6 levels come unlocked with the game, but in order to unlock additional levels, you must spend coins to do so. Levels 7-11 cost 100 coins, but levels 12-17 cost 500. Eventually, you will have to purchase coins to continue the game. From the little bit I played of it, it’s nearly as addictive as Angry Birds.

IMG_0032In addition to game play, the graphics are very slick. There is good depth and the characters have expressions on their faces. It is a very fun little game to play and I would recommend it to any fan of physics-based games like Angry Birds.

On an additional note – many moons ago, when I was a child my brother chastised me for moving my NES controller when playing Mario Brothers in an effort to make Mario jump farther. He would tell me, “That isn’t going to do anything. You just look silly.” Well, playing these physics-based games still make me look silly, but at least it’s got a purpose now! Thank you app developers for making my bad game playing habits necessary to game play.