Mosaic is an app and a gift in one package. There are many services now that allow you to create albums from photos on your computer, but Mosaic let’s you order an album from photos on your with a customized photo mosaic cover.

How does it work? First, you install the app on your iPhone. When you open it, you are instructed to choose 20 photos from photos on your camera or photo streams. Then you are shown your album cover featuring the chosen photos. From here, you can shuffle the photos featured on the cover. At this point, you can flip through the pages of your album. You can choose between white pages or black pages. Then, you place your order.

Your Mosaic photo album arrives 4 days after you order. Mosaic has a flat rate for pricing and for $20, your customized Mosaic photo album complete with photos from your iPhone can be yours.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.52.37 PMI originally discovered this app when looking for Valentine’s Day apps. It would be a great gift idea for family members if you use your iPhone to snap photos of your children. A Mosaic photo album can be sent directly to loved ones and labeled as a gift.

If you use your iPhone camera as your primary camera, I would recommend this app as an option for printing photos and creating keepsakes.