IMG_1306Unless you have no digital footprint or have been living under a rock for the past 4 years, you have heard of is creative project funding platform that connects creators with investors. Films, games, music, art, design, technology…everything creative under the sun can be funded. The only catch is, it must be a project. Since its launch in April of 2009, over $450 million has been pledged by more than 3 million people. These funds have gone to more than 35,000 creative projects. Kickstarter’s success has yielded a new product – the iPhone app.

On Thursday, February 14th, the Kickstarter app for iPhone was released. The layout is clean and manageable, but I like the web interface just a bit better. This app utilizes a scrolling method of skimming through projects. That seems to be a little out dated. I’d much rather swipe left or right to get a better picture of what the project encompasses without having to enter the description. I do like the menu that shows the categories of the projects, staff picks, popular listings, starred ads and the search function.

This type of app really doesn’t have a permanent place on most iPhones. If, however, you are the philanthropic type with money to spare, I would install Kickstarter. It’s a low-risk investment option due to their all or nothing investment policy. It’s a good, functional app.