It’s no secret that Steve Jobs was a music fan. His vision started iTunes to help Apple’s users organize their musical media and the iTunes Store, which helped Apple users obtain high quality versions of their favorite artists. Because of Jobs, we have so many ways to take our music with us. In 2007, Apple began the iTunes Festival, a live musical experience for iTunes fans. The festival is free to attend, but attendees must win their tickets through a series of contests. This year, Apple has stepped up their game once more by offering the entire festival – all 30 days of concerts – for free through the iTunes Festival website, iTunes Store and iOS apps. For the first time in its 5-year history the iTunes Festival will stream more than 60 concerts through the apps available. iTunes Festival is also available for the first time on the Apple TV. With AirPlay at our fingertips, watching these concerts has never been easier and it’s a real treat to experience these artists.

I downloaded the iPhone version of the app for review purposes and I must say one of my favorite things about it is the ability to watch the gigs that have already happened. Users can also scroll through the list of scheduled artists and add the upcoming date to your calendar so you don’t forget to tune in and watch the event live. It is a very nice app and if you are a music lover, I highly recommend downloading the app, visiting the website and checking it out on iTunes. It’s worth having and the best part is that its free. The concerts are high caliber performances and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know the artists up close and personal.