Looking for a way to find song lyrics quickly? Download Instalyrics for Mac. It’s available for free in the app store.

Originally released in October 2012, Instalyrics is a menu utility that searches online for lyrics to the songs playing on your Mac. Instalyrics will find lyrics for music playing through iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Radium and Sonora. It will also pick up lyrics to music playing through YouTube and Last.FM.

Instalyrics also has versions for iPhone and iPad that will wirelessly detect what’s playing your Mac and deliver the lyrics to your device. That version is sold separately, of course, and costs $0.99.

So how does it work? Instalyrics looks at the song title and artist name in the music app you are using and then searches for those terms online. It opens lyrics search engines through Safari. While its suitable for the utility, it surprised me. I expected the utility to display the lyrics through the menu icon or as a floating window. I didn’t expect it to open a Safari window.

Instalyrics works surprisingly well. It does require a bit of accuracy from the song titles, but it does work well. If you are looking for an easy way to search for song lyrics, give Instalyrics a try.