IMG_0040Ever on a road trip and find yourself needing a hotel? Hotel Deals by helps accomplish this task at your fingertips.

The app gives the user a choice of tonight, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow as options for check-in times. Then, it looks at hotels near you based on your phone’s location. You can also select larger U.S. cities like Las Vegas, Atlanta or Chicago. Once a location is selected, the user is then given a list of possible places to stay. You select a hotel from this list and can book it directly from the app.

One of the best options in this app is the credit card scan. When you get to the reservation process, you have the option to take a picture of your credit card and have it translated to text. This is much preferable to typing in numbers each time you make a reservation. As I was simply testing this app for review purposes, I did not test this function for real, but the concept is awesome.

IMG_0041I see this being a great app for those who travel often for work or for anyone who is taking a long road trip. There are times on the road that schedules don’t go as planned. This app would be great for those moments when you simply need a place to rest and don’t want to break the bank.

Hotel Deals is free to download for iPhone.