IMG_0044In this day and age, it has become increasingly more difficult to find healthy eating options when you go out to eat. Many calorie counting apps help you keep track of your calories once you find a restaurant, but they don’t assist in your search for a place to eat. Healthy Out does.

Healthy Out is a free restaurant nutrition guide that assists users in finding dishes and restaurants that serve healthy dining options. You sign up through Facebook or create an account. Then you set your eating preferences according to what you like to eat, what type of diet you are on, etc. Once your preferences are set, you have the option to search based off of filters like total number of calories or Weight Watcher points, cuisine, ingredients, type of dish and even if the restaurant is open or closed. Besides the detailed search option, there is also a Quick Results search that simply shows meals located near you. Like many other nutritional apps, there is a feature that allows users to submit dishes to enrich the menu offerings for the app community.

IMG_0045As someone who has had a continuous battle with my weight throughout my life, I love that developers are creating apps that help people with this type of self-improvement. This particular apps offers a new brand of assistance as it not only shows you what is available, but it shows you where it is available and helps users write their own eating plans. One of the most difficult issues people, particularly women, have when dieting is going out to eat. This app helps to take the guess-work out of restaurant menus.

The improvements that I would suggest are to upgrade it so that it is iPhone 5 enhanced and to expand the restaurants that are available through the app. Currently, only national chains are included.

If you are looking for help with losing weight or even just eating better, get this app today.