Recently released in July, Flutter is a neat little app that uses Mac Gestures to enable the play/pause function of applications, such as iTunes, using a webcam. I just happened to stumble across this while updating my apps in Apple’s App Store. It’s a desktop app that increases the functionality of your favorite Apple computer. To use it, simply hold up your hand to either start media playing or to pause playback in iTunes, Spotify, Quicktime or VLC. This even works when the application is operational in the background.

It’s an impressive new app that I believe will only get better with time. It is much easier to hold up your hand to pause your music playing in the background instead of fumbling through a wall of application windows you may have open to simply press ‘pause.’ I will admit that it is a bit quirky and you have to get your hand in just the right spot for the camera to see your gesture, but it has worked about 80% of the time for me. The movement is very similar to raising your hand to ask a question in grade school.

Flutter is currently the only title available by developer Bot Square, Inc. Flutter is currently in version 0.1.185 and still very young. The description in the App Store states that gestures for skipping songs, muting and volume control are under development and coming soon. I think this app will change, yet again, how we experience our music and media on our Apple computers. If you are curious about it, download it and give it a shot. It’s a free app and available for download in the Apple App Store or by visiting