Evernote has been one of my long-standing favorite note-taking apps. It allows users to create notes, include pictures, video and audio as well as store files and share the notebooks with other people. Evernote released version 5.0 this week with some amazing new and revamped features.

Atlas allows users to browse notes graphically by geographic region. A series of maps will appear with location tags indicating where the note was created.

Smarter Search works very similarly to the search function on an Apple computer. The search notes in the upper right-hand corner, allows users to search personal and joined notebooks and filters searches.

Sharing has become easier, too. Notebooks and shared notebooks are located in one place and Evernote works with Mac OS Notification Center. When a collaborator makes a modification to a shared notebook, the collaborating users are notified.

Shortcuts can easily be made by dragging notes into the sidebar for easy access to important notes.

Besides the feature updates, the general look of Evernote has gotten a complete facelift. It looks much cleaner and more advanced than it did before. The sync process has been updated so that it’s faster and more efficient. Evernote has also been redesigned to expand to full screen mode on the Mac.

I was also very impressed with Evernote Trunk. Trunk shows all the apps available by the creator of Evernote and apps that work with Evernote to increase productivity.

If you have not updated your copy of Evernote yet, I highly recommend you do to take advantage of the new and improved Evernote.