“The end of the ridge and the end of the world… then nothing but that clear, empty air.
There was nowhere else to climb.
I was standing on the top of the world.”
– Stacy Allison, First Woman to Summit Everest

IMG_0030At the top of the world, all things seem possible. This past year I saw some amazing things. A friend who thought having a child might not be possible found out she was pregnant; a grandmother vowed to defeat cancer and she did; And, I found strength within myself to deliver a life-altering message. It was a year of triumphs and it made me want to plan for the future more than ever before.

Everest provides a place to dream and take steps to achieve that dream within the palm of your hands. Users connect to motivate each other and there are built-in challenges to get you started. You can use notes to record thoughts, plans steps within your goals and of course, you can share your goals, hopes and dreams through Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail. You can even capture a moment within the app via your device’s camera to keep the memory alive.

The functionality of the app is seamless and it’s very easy to use. My favorite part of the app is that when you create a new event, it is called a dream. Then when you go to ‘Explore,’ it says, “Caitlyn started a new dream.”

I have been through personal transformations before and I can tell you that support means everything. This app is more than an app. It’s an essential tool for anyone who wishes to make change in their life. Whether for personal or professional reasons, Everest can help you stand on top of the world.

Get started.