With cloud storage being such a popular trend it’s no surprise that there is yet another storage option available. Droplr bills itself as, “…the easiest and best way to share files, large and small, over the internet. Period.” In my time using it, I must say it is incredibly easy. Droplr installs a utility in the menu bar that stores your files in the cloud. Users can drag files directly from your computer to the droplet icon in the menu to store it in your Droplr account.

Users can access their accounts one of three ways – desktop, web interface through droplr.com or through the iPhone App. The iPhone App is remarkable. It shows you the items you have stored on your account and gives you options to share it easily. When a user taps a file, a menu of sharing options appears directly under the file name (as shown). The first option copies a shortened url to your clipboard for ease of use with apps like Twitter. Dropbox offers similar options, but requires you to open the file prior to accessing the sharing options.

I can highly recommend Droplr as an option for cloud storage if you do not require a lot of space. The free account is only 1GB in size. You can receive bonus space like you can with Dropbox – 200MB for the first 20 friends who sign-up. That’s an extra 4GB of storage for a total of 5GB. Not to bad for a free account. If you choose to upgrade to the pro version of Droplr, it’s $3/month. What do you get for the $3/month? 100GB of storage, upload files up to 1GB in size (the free version only allows you to upload 25MB in size) and you get an ad-free experience. Even though there are ads on the web interface for the free users, it’s very minimal. In fact, I haven’t actually noticed them.

Will Droplr replace Dropbox for my daily use? No. But, it is a good service for social sharing.