For years, parents have divided household chores amongst siblings via white boards and assignment charts. Now, there’s Chorma. Chorma helps households to delegate chores like cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, laundry and dishes.

I love the concept of this app. Today, I was speaking with someone who has children and they were saying how one of them requests use of the family iPad when they sit down for breakfast. As this world becomes more and more digital and the next generation sees things in terms of apps, Chorma can assist with some parental duties.

One of the best features of this app is the point system. Each chore is assigned a point. When you go to redeem points, Chorma suggests going out to dinner and dividing the check based on the points earned by house members. It would be great to be able to design your own rewards for the redeemable points. For example, 5 points equals 30 additional minutes of TV time or an increase on the weekly allowance.

Chores can be set up as pre-assigned to a house member or claimable and they can have a schedule set to it. For example, if bathroom cleaning is a weekly chore, you would set it to repeat on a weekly basis and set the schedule for what day you want it done by.

As much as I like this app and the concept in general, when you start the app for the first time, it asks you to register your email address. I understand the purpose of this as you can’t link your account to others unless you register your email address, but I don’t like having to sign up for a service in order to use an app. It would be great if you could start using the app, but have to register your email address from the settings of the app.

I would recommend this app to anyone who wants help managing household chores. Even though there is room for improvement, it is a young app and I’m sure revisions will be made.