Awesome, affordable option for active videographers.

I was exposed to ‘action’ cameras at a young age. At that point in time, it meant a personal camcorder that was the size of a VCR that was strapped to your shoulder while you rode a motorcycle. Or, a studio size camera that you held between your legs as you careened down hill on a sled. You see, I grew up in a news cameraman’s house. My dad was a news videographer for many years before he started his own video production company.

On top of his professional career, he is also a motorcycle enthusiast. There was no shortage of adventure in our household, that’s for sure. He was always finding unique ways of captureing action as it was happening with just what we had available. When the GoPro cameras emerged as a new cateogry for video, he was estacitc and sought one out immediately. As a video professional, he could easily justify the expense of the premium action camera option, but for personal users, spending $200 or more on a minuscule camera usually isn’t in the budget. Fortunately, other companies have started pushing out their own action camera products like the APEMAN Sports Action Camera.

APEMAN Sports Action Camera REVIEW

The APEMAN Sport Action Camera has a pretty impressive feature set. First of all, it shoots in full 1080P HD video. The camera has a 14MP lens with a CMOS-sensor, which rivals most smartphone AND DSLR lenses. And, there is a 170-degree Ultra Wide Angle lens that helps you to grab your entire field of view rather than just a portion of it. The camera body has simple controls with a 2-inch LCD display screen, which allows you to view real-time HD photos and video as you are capturing them. The  APEMAN Sport Action Camera comes with an impressive collection of adapters and arrives in a waterproof case. The case protects the camera up to 30 meters (approximately 98 feet) deep.

In testing this remarkable little camera, I found that it’s battery life was a little lacking. For example, I left it on charge overnight and the battery was full. I didn’t use it right away and when I cam back to it a couple of days later, the battery was discharged. When it’s fully charged, you will get a little over an hour’s worth of shooting time. I would love to have a battery charger adapter so you can continue shooting or have a replacement battery included with the package. Also, the camera will not work without a Micro SD card inserted. There isn’t one provided with the purchase so you will have to supply one. The camera accepts up to a 32GB size card and with it shooting HD video, I would suggest getting more than one Micro SD card at that size.

The camera along with its accessories is quite impressive. It’s a very sturdy camera body even without the heavy-duty waterproof case. I decided to use the camera as a dash cam to test out the video quality and the overall stabilization of the camera. It worked beautifully. Our city is known for its need of road repairs and so it was a bit of a bumpy ride. I felt APEMAN Sport Action Camera handled the ride along well and I got some really neat video.

One feature that I was very impressed with at this product’s price point, was the fact that it connects to WiFi and will allow you to view your camera footage in real-time through a smartphone. The app is free to download (I tested the iOS version) and easy to follow. I didn’t have much issue with the camera connecting. I would find this very useful if you are using the APEMAN Sport Action Camera as a remote camera on a production. If you are the camera op or the director, you could easily call up the camera’s footage to see what its seeing. Now because its a WiFi connection, you are somewhat limited to distance, but if you are within that area, you should have a pretty good opportunity to direct from afar.

APEMAN Sports Action Camera REVIEW

The APEMAN Sports Action Camera is a great option for sports enthusiasts and active people alike. It’s great for capturing those exciting moments in life from the eyes of the user. It’s very affordable does a great job of recording video from some pretty extreme angles. If you are looking for an action camera, you should give this one from APEMAN a look.