Excellent quality waterproof speaker for the shower

I cannot stress enough how much I am in love with Bluetooth speakers.  I’m to the point now in every room I am able to connect with a speaker for convenient listening to music and podcasts.  There was just one space I was eager to be able to have connectivity and that place is my shower.  Not only is it nice to unwind with some music while getting clean but if I have a podcast I want to finish, or a lecture to listen to, here’s a little bit of time that I would be able to accomplish that.  Acquiring the Aowoto Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker, I am able to do all of that.

AOWOTO Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The packing the speaker came in is very sleek looking making it something that would look nice as a gift.  I received the green colored speaker, but it also comes in blue.  Included with the speaker was a micro-USB cable for charging.  Unboxing I was impressed by the overall look of the speaker.  It reminded me of my JBL Bluetooth speaker that I keep in my work bag, so it is a great speaker if you want to use it on a daily basis and travel with.  I was so excited that it came with a suspension clip attached because I wanted to hang it on a rack in my shower.  Overall it seems like it is made of quality material.

Connecting the device to my phone was very easy.  You just power on by holding the power button and it does take it a second.   I think the reason for the buttons to be pressed longer is because this is a device that is meant to be used in multitudes of settings and you wouldn’t want to constantly be skipping songs by accidental pushes.  The speaker has stayed connected every time I have used the speaker without any issues.  If you wanted to play music from a TF card it has a slot located pin the back.  There is also an option to use auxiliary cable but leaving the back open would leave it susceptible to water damage.

AOWOTO Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The sound is very nice and can get really loud.  I cannot turn the speaker on full volume while using it in my shower because it is overwhelming.  The quality of sound is very impressive for the size of the speaker.  It does take phone calls and they are clear, but I don’t plan on using that function very often, but it would be helpful if it was someone I could simply let know that I would call them back.  I tested out letting water from the shower run continuously on the speaker and it didn’t effect it.  It does not that it is not meant to be submerged.

AOWOTO Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The only thing I don’t like about it isn’t even an issue with the quality of this product.  The buttons are the same color as the speaker and it is sometimes hard to see what the buttons are.

This speaker lives up to my expectations and I have been very pleased using it.  Thanks to this speaker I now have a fantastic Bluetooth speaker to be able to continue listening to media in any situation.