In this day and age, you can’t discount the importance of backing up your devices. It’s recommended that before any major software or operating system update that you create a new backup of your device — this includes smartphones. I know that I don’t follow this the way I should, but that’s mostly because I have to plug my phone into my laptop to backup. Sure cloud backups are a possibility, but with a 64GB iPhone XS, my standard iCloud account can’t handle a backup of that size. So, I’m one of those users who still plug in to back up. iTunes does limit what you can back up to a certain extent so it’s nice that options like AnyTrans by iMobie exists. 

AnyTrans is a one-stop content manager for mobile devices. With it, you can fully manage your iPhone, Android, and cloud content. AnyTrans can be used to seamlessly transfer files across mobile devices, cloud drives, and your computer. The application offers an especially flexible backup opportunity for iOS users and will even backup WhatsApp messages. AnyTrans has been available for the past 7 years and has already helped more than 10,000,000 iOS users with easier iOS content management. 

AnyTrans is a comprehensive backup manager that helps iOS users be protected from data loss. With it, you get a ‘real’ full backup which covers 10 additional types of data then an iTunes backup does. Users of AnyTrans also have the option of automatic, wireless backups. There are no USB cables needed, which solves my main backup gripe, and users can now make ‘local’ backups wirelessly according to a set schedule. In addition to the scheduled backup feature, AnyTrans will do incremental backups for devices which means that backups for the same device will include only the updated parts based on the previous backup. This saves both time and space. 

If you find yourself needing to restore a backup, AnyTrans can help with that, too. AnyTrans simultaneously keeps multiple backups for the same device according to the time backups get created, so users can choose the needed one to recover from the backup timeline. Along these same lines, users can preview and extract data from backups, too. This isn’t the same as a full restore as the user has the option to pick and choose what content to transfer from a backup file. Existing data on the iPhone won’t be erased with this option. 

One of the newest features of AnyTrans is the social media data transfer tool. There is currently support for three apps – WhatsApp, LINE, and Viber. This feature allows users to transfer chat message including attachments between iPhones and it lets users backup chat messages and their attachments from these apps and have the option to restore content with 1-click if needed. 

Aside from the backup/restore options of AnyTrans, users can also enjoy the new media downloader that is included with the app. Users can now search YouTube videos directly within AnyTrans. Users can also use the Media Downloader tool to download audio and choose from multiple resolutions and formats for video downloads. 

Finally, using AnyTrans to back up an iOS device is 100% free. There is only a fee if you choose to use the application for restoring a backup or transferring content. 

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