Any Screen Record Pro allows users to selectively capture video.

As someone with a video production/post-production background, I can say that I’ve used most methods to grab videos from all kinds of sources. I’ve converted video from DVD, VHS, DVC Pro, Mini-DV, Hi-8 and even Betacam. One thing that always seems to elude me is video screen capture. Mac actually includes a screen capture option within Quicktime now, but it captures video from the entire screen. It does not allow for selective video capture. Any Screen Record Pro for Mac does.

Any Screen Record Pro is the a great resource for those looking to do quick and easy video capture from your computer’s screen. It’s a free app available in the Mac App Store. It lives as a menu bar utility when active and has an easy to use interface. By default, users can record video in animation quality or as H264. Not only does Any Screen Record Pro do video recording, but it also takes screen shots.You have the option to record video with or without audio, too.

My favorite feature and the reason I decided to download this software is the option to select a custom area on the screen. Simply by clicking the “Custom Area” button, users can then drag the selection tool to a certain screen area. I tested this function by pulling up a video on YouTube and outlining the video window with the selection tool. It worked beautifully. I like that it shows the screen dimensions when you use the selection tool. This will allow users to make sure the video is within the correct aspect ratio.

I really enjoy this app and like that it is the answer to a problem I’ve had for years when trying to capture video. I recommend this app to anyone who captures video.