PowerPort provides a high-speed 5-port USB/USB-C charging hub

When getting my new MacBook Pro with TouchBar I found myself in a bit of a dilemma due to a lack of a way to charge some of my devices. Because of that, I had to look into investing into an outlet powered USB hub to charge my devices while sitting at my desk. When searching for the perfect hub I never thought about finding one that had USB-C. The ANKER PowerPort is brilliant because of the Power IQ charging and the single USB-C port that it provides.

Anker PowerPort Plus 5 USB-C

Anker’s PowerPort really has a lot of advanced features to it. First of all, it’s not just a connection hub — it’s a charging hub. There some hubs out there that only provide a means for connecting your computer to devices and they don’t provide the power behind it for actually charging devices. I’m making a point to mention that because I’ve personally been fooled before. The PowerPort is capable of high-speed charging for any USB/USB-C devices.

The hub features 4 USB-A and 1 USB-C ports. You get 40 watts of power from the PowerPort, which is enough to simultaneously charge several devices. Not only is this a great feature for families with lots of devices, but it’s also great for users who have a computer that is power by USB-C like me. The PowerPort has full USB-C compatibility. The USB-C port can charge the Nexus 5X/6P at a full 3-amp rate. This is also the amperage needed to charge the new MacBook Pro so you can actually keep your power adapter and brick packed away for portable use and tap into this hub for your power needs.

Anker PowerPort Plus 5 USB-C

As I mentioned above, the PowerPort features Anker’s smart-charging technology PowerIQ. This is similar to other charging technologies in that it stabilizes the current and detects how much charge is needed for a device so that it maximizes the charging speed. As a result, your devices get charged faster. The PowerPort has a maximum charging speed of 8 amps or 2.4 amps per port (with the exception of the USB-C port). In addition to the ‘smart’ functionality of the charging system, it also provides surge protection for your devices so that they aren’t damaged in the event of a short circuit. While the PowerPort is an advanced charging system, it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Anker PowerPort Plus 5 USB-C

The Anker PowerPort + USB-C is a great addition to my desk set-up. Now I can charge up my camera batteries, lights, and other gear while also using the USB-C port to power my laptop from my desk. It’s wonderful because before the PowerPort I had a lack of power outlets due to Apple’s Power Brick taking up to much space on my wall. I now can use that outlet to continue charging my laptop AND I have USB type A ports that again let me charge the rest of my gear. The PowerPort has proven to be a powerful ally for my new MacBook Pro.

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