The fast, flexible background that can be used anywhere.

Within the past several years, I’ve been working to develop my skills as a professional photographer. Years ago I started out with prosumer-level photography gear and I worked hard to get where I am today. One part of this was moving to more professional-level equipment. I started with the major items like the camera and lighting options, but now I am working on the accessories like better stands and backdrops. So, when I had the opportunity to test out the Collapsible Background from Angler, I took the chance. 


The Angler Collapsible Background measures 5 x 7 feet and is black on one side and white on the other. Because it has two different colored sides, it is 100% reversible. The backgrounds are made from 100% cotton. It has top and side loops and folds into a compact circle. The fabric is spot washable and it comes with a storage bag. The background is ideal for product shots and portraits. It can also be used for video. The background is lightweight and built with a steel frame that helps create a smooth surface with the fabric. The frame is self-supporting so it can be leaned against a wall or pole without needing assistance to stand up. In addition to working as a background, the white side of the background can be used to reflect light that works for fill light when needed and the black side absorbs light for a more dramatic effect. 



The backdrop comes in its storage bag and is a perfect circle when it’s folded up. There is no assembly required and when you take it out of the bag, the background unfolds — or pops out really — into the backdrop form. It’s oblong and can be used in the portrait or landscape orientation. When the backdrop is extended, it is very sturdy and as the description suggests, it can lean up against a wall without needing someone to hold it up. That said, we attempted to have it lean up against a wall that had a bookcase on it. Even though the fabric is tight, it’s still fabric and if there is anything sticking out from the wall you have it perched on, that will punch through the backdrop. So, since we were trying to use a wall with a bookcase on it, you could clearly see the angles of shelves poking into the fabric. So, we pulled out a C-stand and hung the backdrop from it so that there were no objects behind the backdrop. 


We’ve used the background now for video projects and standard product photography along with one portrait shoot. Based on our experiences in those areas, I think it’s going to work well for my needs. I enjoy taking portraits but haven’t been doing much of that since the pandemic took hold. That said, we have done lots of projects at home with products and videos. In the example shown, I’m sitting at a desk in front of the black side of the backdrop. I thought it was a good contrast to the white, glass-top desk I was using in the foreground. We’ve also used it at various places throughout our house where we often shoot products in different locations. We like the black side a little better than the white side simply because the white side does have some light leak and you can see through to the black side. If the white background is not backlit, then it’s fine. 


As far as folding it back up, it can be a little tricky if you aren’t familiar with how collapsible backgrounds work. I’ve been working with them for some time (and so has my fiancé/business partner) so we know the easiest way to fold them back up. That said, with this being a larger background, there is a lot of material to fold into the loop so you have to be careful not to drag it around while you are trying to get it folded up. 

Example of background in use in video.


I’m a big fan of collapsible backgrounds. They make it easy to stylize a portrait no matter where you are shooting. You can easily take them on location and get shots in a location as well as with the background without having to move your entire production from place to place. This background really comes in handy because of its size, durability, and easy maintenance. Because the fabric is made with cotton, it can be cared for easily. I also love that this comes with a storage bag and that it’s easy to pop out and fold back together within just a few minutes. 

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