Customers with earlier versions of the Anchor may be eligible for a few Anchor Update Kit.

If you are a fan of Peak Design then you no doubt have dozens of their Anchor connectors lying around. The connectors come with all of Peak Designs camera straps and are the main joint between your camera and their accessories. Earlier this month, Peak Design announced the release of their 4th generation Anchor after they had received reports of their V3 Anchor wearing out prematurely.

The issue is that the V3 Anchors have a smaller, thinner cord — designed to fit smaller camera eyelets. If you purchased a Peak Design strap before June 5, 2018, you may be eligible to receive a free Anchor Update Kit. Take the survey from Peak Design to find out if you are entitled to their free replacements.

You can also read all about the Anchor update here on their blog.

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