Analogue is a camera application for iOS that lets you take and develop photos like your grandparents did.

Analogue’s appeal lies entirely in nostalgia. It’s a throwback to “the good old days” before technology made it convenient and effortless to capture photographs. Analogue instead makes it inconvenient and effortful to take each shot, rendering your iPhone/iPad camera into an approximation of a low-tech, large-format camera.

Analogue iOS App Review Analogue iOS App Review

The idea behind the app is to forcefully slow down the photo-taking process so that the photographer must actively think about each shot. This, again, hails back to a time when setting up a shot meant much more work than opening your camera app and pressing a button several times to make sure you got at least one good one. It does this by making you take the photo in an upside-down viewfinder and only having a manual mode for focus, zoom, shutter, etc (and by manual zoom, I mean getting physically closer or further away from your subject).

Analogue iOS App Review Analogue iOS App Review

Once you’ve captured your shot, you can then take it to the darkroom. In keeping with the old-timey theme of this application, the shots you take are converted into negatives that you then must develop in the darkroom part of the app. In this darkroom, you are first presented with strips for different time and contrast. Then there are tools to dodge, burn, blur, crop/rotate, and tone (with choices of selenium, cyanotype, or sepia). After you’re finished with your photograph, you can then save and share it.

Analogue iOS App ReviewFor the average person, this app is going to be needlessly frustrating, though it was interesting to note how photography has changed since its origins. For a photography enthusiast who may be curious or feeling adventurous, I daresay Analogue is a fun experiment in manual photography basics. Being me, I must point out the juxtaposition of this app claiming to be a throwback to better days and simultaneously existing as an application for iPhones and iPads. I find that deliciously contrary, but that’s just me.

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