The Perfect Emergency Charging Case; Durable Case With Manual Power Generator That Creates up to 1 hour of use with 5 Minutes of Cranking

AMPware Hand-Crank Powered iPhone Charging Case ReviewOne of the fields of tech that I feel is on the cusp of explosive change is portable power. I do not believe that I am alone in having to manage Apple Watch power, iPhone power or iPad power. Whether you are surfing the net at home, camping, traveling, etc. you likely will be faced with a supply demand issue, favoring demand. I have regularly opted for portable batteries, looked into solar power or carried a power brick and lightning cable, should I find a power plug to use. These are often heavy options and sometimes not practical. To paraphrase one of my favorite Heath Ledger movies, A Knights Tale, these options have been weighed, they have been balanced and they have been found wanting. I have been researching more and different options. I have seen battery cases, but guess what? These run out, and must be charged. I have seen emergency generators that you can crank (first alert for example). At CES 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting a company AMPware, nestled near the back of the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Booth 35683. Interestingly, they were one of the last booths that I visited at CES 2016. This was serendipitous.

In 2005 the company’s owners, Mark Gabriel and Eric Durr, like many, were negatively affected by Hurricane Katrina. Without power, with a city in chaos, their cell phones were their only source of outside contact. Outfitted with a hand crank radio, Mark found the technology lacking. If only there was a better option for people! If only there was AMPware Crankcase!

This year at CES the AMPware company had their new case to debut. This case is in final development. It should be available through their website around March of this year. They had a few prototype handcrank power charge units at their booth.

AMPware Hand-Crank Powered iPhone Charging Case ReviewAMPware Hand-Crank Powered iPhone Charging Case ReviewAMPware Hand-Crank Powered iPhone Charging Case ReviewAMPware Hand-Crank Powered iPhone Charging Case Review

At the booth, they had their prototype handcrank charging case. This product is not yet available and should be available in three colors, shadow, sport, ranger in March 2016 with an MSRP of $79.99. I was able to test and hold the prototype device at CES, as they had a plastic demo model and a clear model showing the wiring inside. The device is simple and easy to use, simply unfold and turn the crank to generate power. If you turn fast enough a green LED illuminates and shows you power is flowing. The company states that for every one minute of time cranking, the handle generates five minutes of talk time or one hour of standby time. The best part about this is, you don’t need anything except yourself and time to charge your phone. One of the companies statements is you will “never be without power.” As above, when your battery packs are depleted, there is no sun, no access to wall power, you have a renewable energy source directly at your fingertips.

AMPware Hand-Crank Powered iPhone Charging Case ReviewThe AMPware case is touted to be 40 times faster than solar charging cases. It uses rare earth magnet dynamo generator that can be used at any time of day. The company is proud of their “clean, green power.” There are no emissions, low carbon footprint, reusable, endless supply of clean and renewable power. I am super excited for this device and feel that it is important for anyone with an iPhone to consider having one of these on hand. At 19mm thick, 73mm wide and 150mm tall this will fit into a center console, glove box etc. There is really little reason to not have this device. At 1 amp output (1000mAh) this is a reasonable option. For the backpacker taking their phone, this is a much lighter option than a power brick or battery that only gets you a certain amount of power.

I cannot wait to be able to test the actual charger! Keep your eyes open for this company, I expect great things from them.

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