An inexpensive and useful charger.

The Amoner 3-Port USB wall chargers are simple, compact and perfect for travel. I love that they come in pairs, so you can keep one where you charge your phone every night and use the other as a spare or for traveling. Or, if you’re me, you can use the second one as a backup for when you inevitably lose track of the first. I plan to add one of the chargers to my travel kit because it has one more port than my current go-to product and is about the same size.

Amoner 3-Port USB Wall Charger REVIEW

The wall chargers look very similar to the ones included with iPhones. They match the whole Apple aesthetic but have three USB charging ports instead of one. The chargers are not Apple-specific, of course, as they work as well with Android and other devices. I tested one of the chargers with two iPhones and a power bank. When only one iPhone was plugged in, the charger seemed to work as well as a single-USB charger, but with three devices, progress seemed slightly slower but still an acceptable speed. This would not pose a problem for overnight charging, but might be inconvenient if you need a quick charge on multiple devices at once. Because there are two chargers, however, you could split up the devices between two different outlets to rectify the issue, as long as you have fewer than six. With three devices plugged in, I also noticed that the Amoner charger was pretty warm to the touch. I measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer, and it was about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat is a byproduct of the AC to DC conversion that takes place in the wall charger, so the temperature is fairly normal.

Amoner 3-Port USB Wall Charger REVIEW

The chargers’ packaging advertises 15W/3A full speed charging and smart IC capabilities. Smart IC is the charger’s ability to know what charging protocol to use with each connected device for safety and efficiency. The chargers are also FCC certified for use in the U.S., as well as CE and RoHS certified for use in Europe. Beyond the name of the device inside and this information, the charger’s packaging was pretty bare bones. I know that wall chargers are simple devices, but Amoner did not include any sort of instruction sheet, FAQs, warranty information or even a, “Please review us on Amazon” paper with the products. It was just the two chargers, each in plastic wrapping, inside a small cardboard box. The product box was shipped to me inside a bubble mailer.

Amoner 3-Port USB Wall Charger REVIEW

Overall, the Amoner 3-Port USB charger is inexpensive and useful. I like that it’s compact, designed to blend with Apple products, has three USB ports, and comes in a two pack.

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