Ambielly Bluetooth Winter Hat good in concept, poor in execution.

Photo_2Oh joy, cold weather. With the impending cold and snow, I have a multitude of outdoor activities. Some fun, others not so much. No matter what I am doing, I will need music to keep me distracted from the biting wind and something to keep me warm. The idea of using headphones and a hat in the cold wether is bothersome. Ambielly thoughtfully took care of this dilemma for me with their Bluetooth Winter Hat.

The cold is not my favorite by far, so a nice warm hat is one of my winter essentials. In the past few years the need for music in almost every part of my life has become normal. I need both. The Bluetooth Winter Hat has the right idea, but not the best execution. The hat is very comfortable and warm. Most winter hats are. The Bluetooth was easy to connect to my phone. The controls are very basic and I appreciate that. There’s nothing like trying to fumble with a bunch of controls with gloves on all the while keeping on task. Three simple buttons, an earpiece, and the battery are on one side of the hat and and earpiece on the opposite side. I figure that the difference in weight would be an issue, but it’s not that noticeable at all. Still pretty comfortable.

My real disconnect with the Bluetooth Winter Hat was the actual operation. I connected and turned my music on. At first the sound was really low, after turning up the volume I noticed that there was a definite connection issue. The music was distorted and at some times cut out. I deleted the bluetooth profile from my phone and reconnected. Same issue. I figured that there might be interference inside of my house with all of my electronic devices. I went to my garage away from everything and had the same issues. Because of this I didn’t really get to test the battery life.

Ambielly Bluetooth Winter Hat Review Ambielly Bluetooth Winter Hat Review

I love the idea of having a Bluetooth headset tucked away nicely inside of a useful hat. I was disappointed the Bluetooth Winter Hat wasn’t quite what I was expecting.