Charge your Apple Watch in style at home and on the go!

I love my Apple Watch. It’s the one device I have on from when I wake up until I head to bed. Unfortunately, battery life on the Apple Watch – even the Apple Watch Series 2 – is limited to one full day. If you hardly use it, you can drag it out two days, but that’s pushing it. If you are someone who received a lot of notifications, then the battery will drain on your watch a lot faster. The Apple Watch really does need a bigger battery, but no worries. Amber from ClearGrass is here to rescue us from our power drained woes.

Amber Charging Case for Apple Watch REVIEW

Amber is a battery charging case designed as a companion to the Apple Watch. It uses an Apple Watch charging puck for connection to your watch and can also charge your iPhone via an exterior USB port on the rear of the case. Amber comes in a few different color options – Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. I have the Gold version to test out and the color matches the ‘Apple’ gold beautifully. Amber sells for $99.00 (at the time of this review) and just has an elegant look and feel to its design. The battery is actually a 3800 mAh battery, which is enough to fully charge both the Apple Watch Series 2 (273 mAh) and my iPhone 7 Plus (2900 mAh) one whole cycle. The case is small enough to fit into most travel cases but substantial enough to protect your Apple Watch.

I’m using my Amber to charge my Apple Watch when I travel. When I stay at a hotel, I need a place to keep my watch while charging it. I prefer not to just use the charging puck as it dangles off my desk and some of the other charging cases/travel cases, don’t have the best protection option for the watch.

Amber Charging Case for Apple Watch REVIEW

Amber gives me the option to charge on the go and while plugged in. The charging function of the case is a passthrough, which means that when it’s plugged in, it will charge your watch first and then the portable battery. Unlike other portable charging devices for the Apple Watch, the Amber looks like it was made by Apple. It’s elegant and is very efficient.

Amber Charging Case for Apple Watch REVIEW

The Amber also has an iOS app that can give you a whole list of fun options to work with – everything from knowing when your Apple Watch is charged to knowing when the case needs to be charged. The app can even alert you if there is an abnormal temperature that you should be aware of. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Amber’s app is that you can locate your case with it. You might come home and forget to take the charging case out of your ‘go bag’ and find yourself looking for it. No worries. Just open the Amber app and search for the device. The App will show you how close you are using Bluetooth and you even have the option to ping the Amber to locate it via sound. The only bad news about that is that it’s a high pitched sound. So, if you are like me and cannot hear sounds above a certain decibel level, you won’t hear this sound. I had to hold the Amber up to my ear to hear the beep. That’s not going to be helpful for me and others with high range hearing loss, so just remember where you placed it last and you will be fine.

I think the Amber charging case is a solid device with a great purpose. It travels quite easily and has great style.

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