Enter a gamebook in the style of the classics of Choose Your Own Adventure and let your imagination fly.

Ambar's Fate – The Gamebook iOS Game Review 3The Island of Ambar has been afflicted by a mysterious, lethal malady. It is up to you to journey forth, battle monsters, find the origin of the disease, and save your homeland in this choose your own adventure game.

Like classic CYOA gamebooks, your progress through Ambar’s Fate is heavily reliant on the choices you make as you come to critical junctures in the narrative, but there is a bit of an RPG spin to the game as well, which adds a refreshing, more interactive element to the genre. You can customize your character’s stats, skills, and talents; and battles play out with die rolls (and clashing metal sounds at each turn). There are dozens of possible endings, depending on the choices you make. I found it humorous how many death scenes have been written in (I experienced several of them myself). The game gives you a limited number of bookmarks that you can use to save your place in the story in case you make an inadvisable choice or die in battle. Ambar’s Fate could definitely keep you occupied for hours with its varying paths and side adventures.

Ambar's Fate – The Gamebook iOS Game Review 4The visual and auditory details make the game, in my opinion. Ambar’s Fate features an original soundtrack, which sets the epic mood for the adventure. Dispersed throughout the story are also beautiful illustrations, though I wish more of them would be in full color. For being a text-based game, the text was not a shining feature for me. The story was interesting enough; but there were quite a few typos, and some sections repeated themselves. The battles also are pretty lackluster, mostly because they can take quite a while.

Final Verdict: Ambar’s Fate––The Gamebook has a few rough patches, but the overall outcome is entertaining. If you’re a fan of fantasy, choose your own adventures, or RPGs, check it out.

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