Shop from Twitter using #AmazonCart.

Today Amazon announced Amazon Cart, a new way to shop without ever leaving your Twitter feed. The integration between the two companies allows users to use the hashtag #AmazonCart to add items to their Amazon shopping cart without leaving Twitter. To use, simply connect your Twitter account with Amazon and reply to any tweet containing an Amazon product link with the specialized hash tag. The item is saved to your cart for checkout whenever you move back to

“By connecting your Twitter and Amazon accounts, you are telling Amazon that #AmazonCart requests coming from your Twitter account should be added to your Shopping Cart,” the company explains in a FAQ. “Without that link, Amazon would not know to which customer’s Cart to add the item. To edit your connection preferences, visit your Social Settings or opt out of having Amazon respond to your #AmazonCart requests here (your accounts must be connected in order to opt out).”

As a word of warning, unless you have your tweets set to ‘private’ in Twitter, these #AmazonCart tweets will show up publicly.