Epic glue fail with this iPad Pro 10.5 case

I love my new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. It’s the best iPad available today in my opinion. With my love for this new device, I want to make sure that it’s well protected and kept as pristine as possible. I’m the sort of person who for the most part will only use the Apple Smart Keyboard on my iPad. I don’t like cases because I feel that it destroys the aesthetic nature of the device. On occasion, I will venture out for a different case depending on if the situation requires it.

Amazon Basics iPad Pro PU Leather Case REVIEW

I recently received the Amazon Basics PU Leather Case with Auto Wake/Sleep Cover and I decided to give it a shot. This leather case is a nice ‘basic’ case. I want to stress the basic part because it doesn’t have a lot of special features that make it really stand out. The case provides 360-degree protection and it fits the iPad well. It’s got a simple design that while it’s not ugly, it is fairly plain. The ‘leather’ is a faux leather, but it does offer a nonslip grip. Because it is compatible with the sleep/wake function, there are magnets hidden in the cover that keep the case lightly closed. There is a stylus loop on the side of the case if you want to store your Apple Pencil there. Because it’s a simple elastic loop that can stretch out over time, I chose not to carry my Pencil there since I didn’t want to chance losing it.

Amazon Basics iPad Pro PU Leather Case REVIEW

While the Amazon case is capable of providing adequate protection for the iPad Pro, I did have two issues with it. First, the description of the case states “Cover folds horizontally for use as a stand”. While this is true, I detest the method that Amazon used to create the stand function of the case. It’s a small leather flap that holds the cover back in place when you want to have it stand up. It’s a little awkward to get it set up and it isn’t as stable as some other stand methods on cases. I think that part of the case could have been designed better.

Amazon Basics iPad Pro PU Leather Case REVIEW

The other issue I had was a complete failure of the manufacturing quality of the case. While using it one day I noticed the PU Leather was peeling away from the plastic of the case. Being that it’s an Amazon Basics product I know Amazon would replace it if I cared enough to ask them — it is covered by a one-year warranty — but, since I wasn’t a big enough fan of this case, I decided not to reach out to them.

Please don’t get me wrong I really like Amazon Basic products. I’ve used and own a bunch. This iPad Pro case was just a straight fail for me. For the price (around $18), most won’t end up caring for the issues I mentioned above. If you’re looking to just have something on it to protect from scratches and what not the Basics iPad Pro case will work. For me, it’s not particularly stylish and not well-built but maybe I’m spoiled with some of the high-end cases I’ve tested out over the years.

Amazon Basics iPad Pro PU Leather Case REVIEW

If you are still interested in checking it out you can pick one up from the link below.

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