Functional, stylish tablet stand.

Aluminum Desktop Tablet Stand Review 3 Even though I typically keep my iPad in a case that has built-in stands, I do appreciate a well-designed table top stand. There are a few things I look for – style, durability, how sturdy it is, and protection for my tablet. While most stands offer these very basic options, you would be surprised at the amount of stands that don’t. As simple as this stand is from Oenbopo, it still impressed me because it covered all my necessities.

First of all, the aluminum finish matches the Apple branding style very nicely. This is a big checkmark for me in the ‘style’ department. It blends in with other Apple accessories and products. Even if you have a gold iPad like I do, this stand blends very well with the sleek style. The stand works well in a casual or professional setting.

Secondly, the stand is very functional. It has a slot on the back for cable management. You can route any charging cables you need to use away from the stand and reduce cable clutter on your desktop. This is a very nice feature as some aluminum stands don’t offer it.

Aluminum Desktop Tablet Stand Review I mentioned above that one of my ‘must haves’ is protection for my tablet. Well, what I mean by that is proper padding so that my iPad doesn’t get scratched up unnecessarily. Because this stand is solid aluminum, it’s important to note that it does come equipped with with silicone pads in the curve rest and the pivot joint, but it’s bare aluminum on the back plate. This could potentially cause some scratches if the user isn’t very careful, but the silicone pads that are there should help quite a bit. They are only what appear to be self-adhesive stickers, but that’s more than some product designers provide and they are easily replaceable if they wear out.

This stand is evenly balanced and while it’s lightweight, I’ve not had any issues with it being top heavy while the iPad is sitting in it. I also tried this stand out with a 13-inch MacBook Pro and while I wouldn’t recommend that for long-term storage, the stand did not tip over. I believe that most tablets up to 13 inches will be easily accommodated.

This Aluminum Desktop Tablet Stand by Oenbopo is a very nice, inexpensive option for you tablet storage needs.

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