Alternote Mac App Review:

The most convenient and natural way to make notes.

Alternote Mac App Review 3One of my favorite all-time apps is Evernote. It works so well across platforms and when you are trying to take notes, you really just want something that works. What started as a simple, easy-to-use note-taking app, has exploded into a massive digital workspace that let’s you add information where your work takes shape. You can write, collect, share, discuss and even present all from one family of apps. Evernote has a Mac client as well as mobile versions of the app that all sync together, but it has evolved into something so much more than just a note-taking app and sometimes, less is more. Recently, I was introduced to Alternote, an alternative Evernote client for Mac and it is just that.

Alternote Mac App Review 6Alternote is a beautiful OS X note-taking app backed by Evernote. It is designed to be the most convenient and natural way to take notes and collect information in a secure, organized way. The app integrates with Evernote and syncs with it so that all your notes are available in one place. Plus, there are no Alternote servers on the back-end. It’s just your Mac and Evernote’s servers. Some of the key features include:

  • A distraction-free interface
  • Night mode
  • Appearance settings
  • Retina screen ready
  • WYSIWIG viewing
  • Attachment support
  • Colored tags
  • Print to PDF
  • To-do Lists
Alternote Mac App Review 4


When I first started using Alternote, I wasn’t really sure if it was necessary. I already have an Evernote app on my Mac, so why did I need this? Well, as stated above, Evernote, while a fantastic service, has become so much more than a simple note-taking app. And, that was what I wanted. Alternote was a great option for me. I do pull information from a lot of different sources throughout the day and pulling it into Alternote as I work, is an awesome way for me to keep up with my work flow. Alternote makes this possible. I really like the interface and it’s simplicity. There is a sidebar, a list of notes and your workspace. That’s it. Even though you have options like changing fonts and colors, it’s hidden and not cluttering the main interface.

Alternote Mac App Review 5UTILITY
When I first opened the app, I had to log into my Evernote account. Had I not had one, I would have had to set a new account up. There is no doubt about it. This app runs in conjunction with Evernote. After I logged in, I was surprised by how quickly all my notes loaded into the new app. I really love that there is a ‘nighttime’ mode because there are so many times that I am working in bed before going to sleep and it’s an excellent option to using a work light. Alternote takes full advantage of the Mac OS programming options and has a full screen viewing option, which is great for tuning out background distractions and focusing on the task at hand.

If you work in a position that requires you to take a lot of notes, or you just like to jot thoughts down at a moment’s notice, I can recommend Alternote. It’s a gorgeous app that keeps the focus on note-taking and no where else.

It’s available for download for $4.99 as an introductory price. For more information, visit

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