This router and extender combo have a great feature to monitor usage.

Ally Plus Amped Wireless Home Smart Wi-Fi Router and Extender REVIEW If you have a large home then the Ally Plus Wireless Home Smart Wi-Fi router and extended set may be just what you are looking for. For me this wifi router and extender duo are more than I needed for my townhouse and my internet service is sometimes an issue. That being said I’ve tested this out in another home (my mother’s) and it proves to be a good router with a fair amount of range. With an easy setup and an easy to use app, anyone could benefit from having one. Unless of course, you’re me who really needs to switch providers.

Ally Plus Amped Wireless Home Smart Wi-Fi Router and Extender REVIEW

Features: The box set includes a the Ally router and extender. If you have a large home and backyard the extender reaching up to 15,000 sq. feet may have you covered. For me, the one thing that stood out with this set up is the parental control features in the application. You can limit internet usage to your child’s device also while monitoring what sites they are visiting. Even though there are plenty of apps and internal software for monitoring devices, my 9-year-old son likes to point out the ways to get around blocks I have put up. There are security features included and one that stands out is the fact you will receive notifications to your phone about devices trying to connect to your wifi. Every device I hooked up I could see what device is was and would have been able to disconnect any devices that I did not recognize.

Ally Plus Amped Wireless Home Smart Wi-Fi Router and Extender REVIEW

Setting it up: The Ally Plus is able to be set up through the web or through a mobile app. It is currently both available on iOS and Android. The set up was fairly quick for setting up the system and the devices. I had no issues connecting any of the five devices including my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 7 Plus. They now currently have 8 devices connected and even my mother was able to set them up herself. My mother is someone who would call me in the middle of the night to reconnect things and did not need me this time. So luckily, the application makes it to where anyone who knows the very basics of connecting a device to wifi able to use this. I did notice when we were connected I have been back and fourth to her house and the range is great but I honestly don’t think it’s an entire 15,000 sq. feet. Her house isn’t large and I lost connection walking across the street. The speed seemed to be about what she had before so I didn’t see a huge boost in internet speed. That was kind of disappointing because she had an older setup and I was hoping that this would make a significant difference.

Ally Plus Amped Wireless Home Smart Wi-Fi Router and Extender REVIEW

Overall: I have a NETGEAR Nighthawk and I don’t know a for sure reason that it works well for my home but this one didn’t. I will blame it on my internet provider for the sheer fact I purchased the Nighthawk because I was having so many issues with my other router and modem. However, this actually was a great gift to give my mother because when my son goes to visit grandma I can keep tabs on his internet usage there. I’m able to make sure that certain things can be restricted and that he’s not being like I was when I was younger and pulling all nighters at my grandmother’s house.

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