The Metal Art Ergo 3 is the perfect solution to organize Flat Screen TV setup in small places.

Whether you are living in a dorm, small apartment or have a home-office space all to yourself, desk space is prime real estate.  It does not matter what type of computer you have, your monitor will take up a rather large desk footprint.  When I attended the University of Evansville, the rooms felt tiny, often requiring bunk style beds, to be able to get two desks into the room.  I relied on a stand alone shelves and creativity to have room for various peripherals, TV, etc.  It was then that I began to love monitor stands and this trend that has continued unto today.

Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 8" Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 8"

While attending CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the pleasure of talking with the team from Allsop, about their Metal Art Ergo 3 stand.  Designed to enhance your environment, the metallic stand will hold up 35 lb/16kg.  It measures 18″ long (45.72cm) by 10″ deep (25.4cm) by 6″ tall (15.24cm).  The Metallic top is grated to allow for passive airflow and to reduce heat buildup.  Allsop does not want to tell you how to decorate/position your desk/counter.  Use this for a flatscreen TV/monitor, cable box, Xbox, Playstation or Switch and then place other gear below the elevated stand.   If you need more elevation, choose between one of the three preset levels.  You can raise your device to 6.0″ (first hole), 7″ (2nd hole) and 8″ (3rd hold).  The ability to elevate your monitor or device, at all, is a huge.  Being able to choose 2 other positions is incredibly convenient.

If you have ever mounted anything to a wall or tried to build a desk/tablet etc, you know that fractions of an inch matter.  Tables will be wobbly, desks will teeter, frames will be uneven.  Allsop thought about this and added two convenient extra features.  Instead of relying on the pre-drilled leg holes and the sliders, they included a fine tuning adjustment knob.  Even better, this knob is on every single one of the four legs, instead of two.  If the surface is mildly uneven, you can adjust the table to be flat.  This worked really well, helping me to elevate my monitor above my desk. Lastly, they included #4 adhesive-backed non-slip pads.  I chose not to use these, as my desk surface is already lined with ribbed material.

Allsop Ergo 3 adjustable legs

Even though I could elevate my monitor 8 inches from my desk, with the stand, I feel that the bottom height (6″) is perfect for my setup. The stand is lightweight, yet rugged enough to support TV/monitors of roughly 32″ in size (although some 40″ are under 35 lb).  The metallic texture and the deep grey color provide a modern techie feel.  The included anti-slip pads are really convenient.  The most amazing feature are the 4 independently adjustable fine correction legs. If you are looking to augment your viewing experience, definitely give Allsop a look.  With quality built/strength and affordability, you will not go wrong with this device.  I would rate it at 5/5 stars.

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