Allsop Headset Hangout will let you ditch the clutter

Headset HangoutMy wife tends to be anti-tech, not because of what the tech can do, but that it takes up space and it tends to be an eyesore.  She is completely against clutter and even more against numerous visible wires.  I find it funny that modern homes have multiple available outlets, but we tend to use a select few of them for nearly all of our electrical needs.  I have an outlet in my living room that powers my Cable Box, TV, NES classic, Blu-Ray Player and Roku.  I have another outlet in my bonus room that powers my TV, Xbox one, Cable Box, External Hard Drive, and Nintendo Switch.  You likely have a heavily loaded outlet near your bedside table or in your office.  I regularly have to play the power outlet Tetris.  Each new piece of tech must thus solve a problem or provide multiple benefits.

With a wife who hates clutter, my bedside table must drive her crazy.  At any given time, I am charging my iPad Air 2, Apple Watch, iPhone 7 plus, and headphones.  Allsop provides a neat device titled the Headset Hangout, which serves as a Headset and Tablet Stand.  Whether you are looking to safely store your Gaming/Audio Headset or to have a charging tablet stand, this system seems to be a viable option   The packaging coloration is appealing and techie.  The front displays the plastic stand, with headphones resting across the back.  The sides show a full-size Apple tablet, in a variety of configurations.  The device allows four separate viewing angles and has included cable management.

The product is shipped in 2 parts, which must be assembled.  There are 2 tabs on either side of the headphone stand.  There are 5 slots on the left and 5 cutouts on the right of the base that will accommodate these tabs.  Insert the tabs into one of the sides, pinch the sides together and then allow them to expand.  If you want to change the positions, you will need to pinch the sides and reposition the tabs into the slots.  This is not as quick as I would like, but it is convenient to be able to change the positions if desired.  Additionally, if this were a solid piece it would be harder to take apart to travel/store.  The product weighs 3.3 oz and feels flimsy when separated.  However, when you combine the pieces, it works wonderfully well and is secure.  The included cable management is a really nice added feature as well.

Headset Hangout pieces

The bottom of the base section has four rubberized stickers that reduce sliding on tables/counters.    When you flip the base back over (into its normal/useable position), you will notice that Allsop designed the product without sharp corners/edges that will cut/scrape your tablet/phone.  Furthermore, they included foam bumpers along the resting point of your tablet/phone. I appreciate the attention to detail and the focus on protecting the gear. Overall the size of the product is a little bulky.  The headphone section stands 9.5″ above the base and the base is 8″ long by 3 5/8″ wide.

Headset Hangout base

I am a fan of the Allsop Universal Headset Hangout.  It will allow you to store and protect your headset, better than throwing it into a drawer or leaving it on a table.  Use the device on a desk to clear the clutter. Use it on a bedside table as your primary tablet charger and also store/hold your headphones.  If you are traveling and you want a lightweight portable tablet stand, the Allsop Headset Hangout may be the device for you.  I would give the product a 5/5 star rating.

Allsop Headset Hangout

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