Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case Review:

A stylish, sturdy case from New Trent.

Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case Review 3I am a sucker for mobile phone cases. Not only do I think it’s a necessity for keeping phones as pristine as possible, but I also like seeing all the different types available. I collect phone cases like some women collect shoes. My favorite kinds of cases are the ones that are not only protective, but also stylish. It’s also a strong plus if the case accentuates the design of the mobile phone. All of these factors are met with the Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case.

The Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case is a transparent case that comes equipped with two interchangeable front covers (black & white). It’s a slim fit design so that it matches the sleek design of the iPhone 6. It does not add any additional bulk to the phone, which is difficult for this type of case design. In fact, the Alixo 6S case only adds 3mm to the iPhone. It’s made from flexible, but solid materials for protection and durability.

Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case Review 4FIRST IMPRESSIONS/UTILITY
When I first took the case out of the packaging, I was impressed with the overall look and feel. The backing is a softer silicone bumper that wraps securely around the iPhone 6. The top covering is a harder case that includes a screen protector. While all the ports and buttons are covered with the case, everything is still fully functional including the fingerprint scanner.

Regarding the installation of the case onto the phone, it was a little difficult. The first step is to separate the front from the back and decide which color cover you want on your phone. Then, you place the cover on the front of your phone and wrap the backing on it. That was the difficult part, but only because it’s a tight fit. Once it was done, I am happy to say that everything lined up perfectly.

Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case Review 5One of the struggles I ultimately have with phone cases is how it lines up with the volume and power buttons. Sometimes, it’s such a poor fit that I can’t depress the buttons easily. This case works beautifully. The buttons are in exact alignment with the iPhone. Something else I’m always a bit leery of is how slick a case is. I feel that an iPhone alone is too slippery in my hands and I want a case that is going to help with traction. The Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case does a good job of this. The soft silicone back is sticky enough it doesn’t slide around too much when you are handling it. And, since the case is not overly bulky, it’s not awkward to hold at all.

Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case Review 6CONCLUSION
For me the Alixo 6S Rugged iPhone 6 Case checked all the major marks on my phone case checklist. All the buttons and ports are protected, but useable. The screen is protected and I don’t have to worry about a film peeling off and there is no added bulk. I can highly recommend this case from New Trent to anyone who is looking for a sturdy, stylish case for their iPhone 6. It’s available for around $16.

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