Extremely portable, lightweight AK33 RGB gaming keyboard for all

When doing my everyday work I find myself using my MacBook Pro with TouchBar. I used to connect to the Apple Magic Keyboard regularly, but I love the feel of the second generation butterfly switches. With that said I also enjoy the clickety-clack of a good mechanical keyboard for the times I just want to sit back and smash my way through an online game or two. The problem for me is I want a keyboard that I can move from room to room depending on where I’m going to game. I need one without the number-pad and I want it to be bright so I can see it in the dark. The AJAZZ FirstBlood Geek is my choice right now because it’s light weight (less than 1.5 pounds), easy to use, and is extremely bright.

AJAZZ FirstBlood Keyboard

The FirstBlood Geek keyboard has a lot going for it. It is constructed from top-grade ABS and metal. Even though it’s got a metal frame to it, it’s still very lightweight and easily transportable. It allows for customizable RGB lighting zones with over 16.8 million colors to choose from. It features anti-ghosting keys with N-key rollover. The keyboard has an ergonomic design with stepped keycap to make the slope fit hands easier. I will say that during my use of the keyboard I’ve found my hands to be less tired than when I use other mechanical keyboards. The FirstBlood Geek is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems. The keys are built with black switches for gaming-grade responsiveness.

One of the big things I love about this keyboard is its color. There are 18 default light settings and six themes. You use the FN key to move through them all. The key color is bright and rich in tone. I’ve not seen colors from a keyboard be so brilliant. They are as bright as if not brighter than the colored LEDs that I put on my Christmas tree. This was surprising to me because I typically find that in order to get the vibrant color I want from a colored keyboard, I have to turn all the lights on in an area. The FirstBlood Geek keyboard isn’t overpowered by the existing light in a room — it competes with it.

AJAZZ FirstBlood Keyboard

I’m very happy that this keyboard features a classic 82-key layout — no extended number keypad. This keeps the keyboard small and taking up less desk space. For my set-up, this is ideal since I use it sparingly and not every day. Some other great features of the Firstblood Geek keyboard include a detachable USB cable (awesome for storage), rubberized tilt legs (great for the safety of your desk), and one-touch media keys. It’s really a great keyboard with a lot of features to it.

I’ve had some great successes with this keyboard. It’s been a great choice for my mechanical keyboard needs and even though my choice would have been blue switches, I’ve been very happy with the Black Switches. The only reason I didn’t get the model with the Blue Switches is because it was out of stock. The main difference I notice is that the Black Switches have a bit less feel to them when compressing the keys while typing.

AJAZZ FirstBlood Keyboard

The FirstBlood Geek keyboard is a great option for someone who wants a brilliantly bright mechanical keyboard that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The keyboard comes with a keycap puller and duster for easy cleaning of the device. There are instructions included, but they are all written in Chinese. The same is true of the website. There is an option to change the language to ‘International,’ but the page for the keyboard doesn’t include any instructions — only pictures and a driver.

For more information, visit AJAZZ.