Global Tier One supplier AISIN Group today announced that it will participate at CES 2019, Jan. 8-11, 2019, in Las Vegas. The company will present its vision for future mobility, and the technical development necessary to achieve it.

The new exhibit, located at Booth 3302 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, features the hands-on AISIN concept car, “i-mobility TYPE-C,” a global unveiling seen for the first time anywhere. Visitors will experience technologies and services that meet various user needs and driving conditions in the diversifying mobility society by reviewing the dual “automated passenger car” and “automated limousine” (below left and right, respectively).

In addition, AISIN Group will present the “distribution support system” based on car navigation technology, “actuator information system” that extracts data from the actuator and forecasts road surface conditions, “smart risk support system” that anticipates risks during driving and requires defensive driving, and other connected car technologies.

AISIN Group to Unveil i-mobility Type-C Concept Vehicle at CES 2019 NEWS

The dual “i-mobility TYPE-C” concept: automated passenger car, left; automated limousine, right

An AISIN “navigator” will demonstrate other interesting features and technologies on the concept, including the AISIN “Driver Monitoring System,”which detects driver fatigue and automatically reacts to emergency situations; and the “Facial Action Coding System,” which evaluates emotions by analyzing facial expressions of the driver, and reacts with a series of comfort-based adjustments.

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